Pure50+™ Epoxy Injection Adhesive Anchoring System


The DeWALT Pure50+ is a two-component adhesive anchoring system. The system includes injection adhesive in plastic cartridges, mixing nozzles, dispensing tools and hole cleaning equipment. The Pure50+ is designed for bonding threaded rod and reinforcing bar hardware into drilled holes in solid concrete base materials.



  • Designed for use with threaded rod and reinforcing bar hardware elements
  • Evaluated and recognized for freeze/thaw performance
  • Cartridge design allows for multiple uses using extra mixing nozzles
  • Mixing nozzles proportion adhesive and provide simple delivery method into drilled holes
  • Evaluated and recognized for long term and short term loading (see performance tables for applicable temperature ranges)



  • International Code Council, Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) ESR-3576 for cracked and uncracked concrete.
  • Code Compliant with the 2018 IBC/IRC, 2015 IBC/IRC, 2012 IBC/IRC, 2009 IBC/IRC
  • Conforms to requirements of ASTM C 881 and AASHTO M235, Types I, II, IV and V, Grade 3, Classes B & C(also meets Type III except for elongation)
  • Department of Transportation listings - see www.DEWALT.com or contact transportation agency
  • Tested in accordance with ACI 355.4 / ASTM E488, and ICC-ES AC308 for use in concrete (Design according to ACI 318-14 Chapter 17 and 318-11/08 Appendix D)
  • Evaluated and qualified by an accredited independent testing laboratory for recognition in cracked and uncracked concrete including seismic and wind loading
  • Compliant with NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects; minimum requirements for material in contact with potable water and water treatment
ICC-ES NSF/ANSI Water Quality LEED VOC VOC Seismic Region Qualifications Tension Zone Cracked Concrete

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