HANGERMATE+ Suspender® For Wood - Dual-Directional

HANGERMATE+ Suspender® For Wood - Dual-Directional


Suspender® For Wood - Dual-Directional Rod Hanging Anchors for Wood

Suspender threaded rod anchors are a next step in the evolution of threaded rod anchoring. These one-piece anchors feature heads that are both end-tapped and crosstapped to permit both in-line mounting and side-mounting of threaded rod systems, eye rings and more. Suspender anchors feature a universal driver (socket or sleeve) to drive all anchor sizes. The Suspender drive sleeve eases switching between drilling and driving in concrete applications. However, only the Suspender drive socket is needed with the self-drilling anchors for wood and steel, or in pre-drilled applications. This new system allows you to consolidate your inventory to complete a project and reduces downtime required to retrieve the correct part.


  • Ease and speed of overhead installation
  • Lower in-place cost, when compared to beam clamps, lag bolts and dropins
  • Solid, one-piece, cold formed and machined anchor
  • New head style is both end and cross drilled to accept vertical (in-line) and horizontal (side-mount) applications
  • Entire system requires only one driver
  • 3/8" to 1/2" thread adapter allows installation of 1/2-13 threaded rod components

    Approvals & Listings


    • FM Approvals (FM) - see listing for applicable sizes and types Pipe Hangers components for automatic sprinkler systems - File No. JI 3015153
    • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) - see listing for applicable sizes and types Pipe Hangers - File No. EX1289


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