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The MK-5000 Series of block saws set the quality standard for durability and maintenance-free operation. These saws are specially designed to provide the highest level of productivity, operator safety and convenience. Heavy-duty cast aluminum and steel parts ensure the finest value in the masonry and stone industry.

  • Precision screw feed mechanism allows the cutting head to be easily raised or lowered to the precise cutting depth required
  • Self-leveling blade guard provides optimum blade coverage for operator safety
  • Foot pedal for hands-free cutting
  • Open-back design allows for material up to 20" long to be cut
  • Conveyor cart built from heavy-duty cast aluminum
  • Stainless steel rail liners
  • 3 phase saws are equipped with GE NEMA 1 starters in NEMA 12 enclosure
  • Adjustable water supply for maximum blade protection
  • Built-in tie-downs for safer saw transport
  • Ergonomically designed handle for reduced operator fatigue
  • Heavy-duty built-in forklift brackets allow lift to approach from the front or either side of the saw
  • Daily greasing of bearings is eliminated with new heavy-duty oil-bath blade shaft
  • Optional Automatic Water Flow System - water flow is activated by the moving cutting table towards the blade and automatically interrupted when the table is brought to the operator’s position
  • One-year limited warranty
MK-5005 - 5 H.P. Saws
Model Voltage Blade Guard Part #
MK-5005S 230V 1-Phase 14" 160634-14
MK-5005S 230V 1-Phase 20" 160634
MK-5005T 230V 3-Phase 14" 160636-14
MK-5005T 230V 3-Phase 20" 160636
MK-5005T 460V 3-Phase  14" 160637-14
MK-5005T 460V 3-Phase  20" 160637
MK-5007 - 7.5 H.P. Saws
Model Voltage Blade Guard Part #
MK-5007T 230V 3-Phase 14" 160641-14
MK-5007T 230V 3-Phase 20" 160641
MK-5007T 230V 3-Phase 24" 160641-24
MK-5007T 460V 3-Phase 14" 160642-14
MK-5007T 460V 3-Phase 20" 160642
MK-5007T 460V 3-Phase 24" 160642-24
MK-5010 - 10 H.P. Saws
Model Voltage Blade Guard Part #
MK-5010S 230V 1-Phase 14" 169328-14
MK-5010S 230V 1-Phase 20" 169328-20
MK-5010S 230V 1-Phase 24" 169328
MK-5010T 230V 3-Phase  14" 169330-14
MK-5010T 230V 3-Phase  20" 169330-20
MK-5010T 230V 3-Phase  24" 169330
MK-5010T 460V 3-Phase  14" 169331-14
MK-5010T 460V 3-Phase  20" 169331-20
MK-5010T 460V 3-Phase  24" 169331

Blade not included.
50Hz motors available on request.


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