Type 27 High Density Flap Discs -  Aluminum Oxide

Type 27 High Density Flap Discs - Aluminum Oxide

Mercer Abrasives

The Type 27 flat disc is Flat shaped for working on flat grinding sufaces. The type 27 is Most efficient when used between 0º to 15º angle. Best choice for smooth finishing. These Premium Zirconia flap disc are available in two different densities. HIGH DESNSITY has 40% more cloth than our standard discs. It provides longer life, twice the removal rate, and a softer grind. The Thicker design conforms better to irregular shapes. STANDARD DENSITY is a General purpose disc intended for applications that do not require extensive material removal. FEATURES: Fiberglass backing, Heavy X-weight cloth, Resin on resin bond, Available with 5/8"–11 threaded hub. BENEFITS: Fast and cool cutting, No need to switch from grinding wheel to resin fibre disc. Grind, blend, and finish in one easy step. APPLICATIONS: All-purpose sanding and grinding, Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, Best for welds and blending, Rust removal, Light deburring.

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