Premium Aqua Non-Loading Rolls - PSA 2-1/2" x 10 Yd.

Premium Aqua Non-Loading Rolls - PSA 2-1/2" x 10 Yd.

Mercer Abrasives

Premium Aqua Stearated Non-Loading – Aluminum Oxide Rolls for
Wood, Lacquers, Paint, Fillers, Primer, Metal

Blue Fired German
semi-friable grains provide
high-cutting speed and
aggressive stock removal
Stearated in size coat to
prevent loading
Durable C-weight paper
Resin on resin bond for long
product life
Wide range of grits for
applications spanning stock
removal to fine finish

Lasts 20% Longer than Gold and Platinum Rolls.


These discs MUST be
used with a backing pad



FEATURES: Aluminum Oxide grain. Gold stearate. Heavy C-weight backing. Resin on resin bond. BENEFITS: Fast cutting. Prevents loading. Quick change; cut as you need. Long life. Resists heat and moisture with great adhesion. APPLICATIONS: Wood. Automotive. Lacquers and paint. Fillers. Plastic. Glass. Stone.

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