AC100+ Gold Cartridges & Nozzles


The AC100+ Gold is a two-component vinylester adhesive anchoring system. The system includes injection adhesive in plastic cartridges, mixing nozzles, dispensing tools and hole cleaning equipment. The adhesive is designed for bonding threaded rod and reinforcing bar elements into drilled holes in concrete and masonry base materials. It can be considered for use in solid base materials as well as hollow base materials with screen tubes. One AC100+Gold mixing nozzle is packaged with each cartridge. AC100+Gold mixing nozzles must be used to ensure complete and proper mixing of the adhesive. 


  • Designed for use with threaded rod and reinforcing bar hardware elements
  • Consistent performance in low and high strength concrete
  • Evaluated and recognized for freeze/thaw performance (interior and exterior applications)
  • Evaluated and recognized for a range of embedments
  • Versatile low odor formula with optimized cure time
  • Evaluated and recognized for long term and short term loading (see performance tables)
  • Mixing nozzles proportion adhesive and provide simple delivery method into drilled holes
  • Cartridge design allows for multiple uses using extra mixing nozzles
  • Universal product for concrete and masonry (hollow and solid base materials)          

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