The Atomic+ Undercut anchor is designed for applications in cracked and uncracked concrete. The anchors are is available in standard ASTM A 36 steel, high strength ASTM A 193 Grade B7 steel andType 316 stainless steel in Class 1 and Class 2 strength designations. The Type 316 stainless steel version can be considered for exterior use and industrial applicationswhere a high level of corrosion resistance is required. The Atomic+ Undercut anchor is installed into a pre-drilled hole which has been enlarged at the bottom in the shape of a reversed cone using the undercut drill bit supplied by DeWALT. The result is an anchor which transfers load mainly through bearing, and unlike a typical expansion anchor is not dependent upon friction between the expansion sleeve and the concrete. Due to the use of a thick walled expansion sleeve, the load is distributed to a large area which can provide ductile behavior of the anchor even at relatively shallow embedments.